ARCHISITE, INC. (situated in the world biggest electric town “Akihabara”Tokyo Japan) is the specialist distributor for SD card, SSD, Dram memory module, HDD, and PC peripherals, dedicated to providing a independent distribution service of products to domestic retailers and resellers.

Our mission is to provide high quality products at competitive prices to our clients. Not only to the technology markets and electric town, but also to the general marchandise shops such as convenience chain store, discount store and even to drug store chain.

For Japan’s market, which is still the second biggest market for those products, we would like to distribute your excellent products, and also the products which has not been introduced to Japan.

Since Japan’s labour cost, land price and every environment of production condition are the hightst in Asia, so Japan need to import your products. Your offer will be highly appreciated.

About us
Established : 18th Jan. 2001
Capital :¥98,000,000(≒ USD1million)
Fiscal Year End : 30th Nov.
No. of employees : 50

Sales turnover : 
2014 US$ 37.0million
2015 US$ 33.0million
2016 US$ 41.0million
2017 US$ 47.5million
2018 US$ 54.0million(forecast )
17 fiscal years continuous surplus

Board Members
President :  Jiro Hayashi
VP :  Kiyoto Funaki
Accountant : Yoshiya Harada (a certified public accountant)

★We are distribution agent of following brand
ADATA Technology (Taiwan)
Super Talent Technology (U.S.A.)
SK Essencore KLEVV (Korea)
Topre (Japan)
Cherry [ZF Electronics] (Germany)
Leopold (Korea)
Mistel (Taiwan)
DuckyChannel (Taiwan)
Leef Technology (U.S.A.)
LandingZone (U.S.A.)
Thecus Technogy (Taiwan)

★We import below items
・Peripherals for PC & smart phone ( HDD, ODD, SSD, micro SD, SDHC card,USB memory, SSD, HYNIX/SAMSUNG ORIGINAL modules and smart phone case and bags etc..)
・Any kind of products, that don’t have to be electric products, and has not been introduced to Japan.

Our Sales offices
Tokyo (east Japan) , Nagoya (central Japan) , and Fukuoka (west Japan)

New Contact Address
*We relocated our office and changed phone number.

110-0006, Meiji Yasuda Seimei Akihabara Bldg, 5-9 Akihabara, Taitou, Tokyo, JAPAN
PHONE:81-3-6859-0281 FAX:81-3-6859-0282
contact to Mr. Keita Suzuki & Mr. Masashi Kimura
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Old Contact Address
101-0021, Kanda Northern bldg. 6-1-4 Sotokanda Chiyoda Tokyo Japan
PHONE:81-3-5812-2461 FAX:81-3-5812-2462